40th Reunion

Reunion Review

The best ever and I (we) enjoyed seeing and talking to everyone. These seem to be the standard statements from our Reunion attendees. 

The two-night event began with a two-hour dinner cruise on the Hilton Hotel’s yacht The Princess. We boarded the yacht at 6:15 P.M. The dinner, provided by the Hilton Hotel, was outstanding. After dinner we were able to visit with each other – we had a total of 71 people on the cruise. 

While some of us were on the dinner cruise, several classmates were gathered in the Hospitality Room. Once the dinner-cruise people joined the group in the Hospitality Room, the room began to get smaller, or so it seemed. We had so many classmates and friends in attendance that we spilled out into the hallway and even the hallway seemed too small. But that did not prevent us from visiting with each other.

Later in the night, we moved from the Hospitality Room to Judy’s suite for more visiting. If you get a chance, ask Linda Jackson and Linda Mills what time they left the suite.

On Saturday morning the guys had their golf tournament but the only report passed on is that it was another success.

On Saturday night we had a short program before our delicious dinner. Richard Alford, Chairman of the Reunion Committee, had some fun by acknowledging some of our classmates – the ones brave enough to speak up to some of the questions. A couple of the questions were: which classmate traveled the most miles to attend the reunion – Lucy Norell-Criswell, and which classmate had been married the longest – Lorraine Phillips-Beermann. 

After dinner we had an opportunity to visit again. We had two rooms – across the hall from each other – for everyone. The room where we had dinner was for visiting – talking and telling tall tales – and the other room was for dancing and visiting. We were back and forth between the 2 rooms all evening. Our DJ’s enjoyed themselves and stayed longer than any we have ever had in past years. The hotel security let us stay until 2:00 AM! 

At 2:00 AM we went to Judy’s suite for a couple more hours of good times. We, the reunion committee, hope that you had as much fun as we did. We also hope to see you at our next reunion. 

Or maybe we will have a 60th Birthday party in 2007 and invite the years 1955 through 1967 as we did for our 50th Birthday party. If you have any thoughts on this, let us know.

Below is a list of attendees. If you attended and your name is not listed, let me know and I will correct. And forgive me for not remembering everyone.

Judy Bryant-Gneisig for the Committee


Angela Glover- & Jerry Boettcher
Ann & Lionel Varnadoe
Ann Weeks-Martin
Anne Andrews-Bleger
Barbara & Jerry Smmerford
Barbara & Manuel Travassos
Bea McCullough-Matthews
Betty & Rob Bentley
Betty Dyal- & Darrell Boone
Bev & Bill Krause
Bonnie Prevatt-Bennett
Brenda & Eddie Whitted
Brenda Wike-Hahne
Charlotte & Clyde Israel
Charlotte Wright- & Marvin Thien
Cheryl Tomlinson- & Larry Cohen
Claire Motes- & George Smith
Darlene & Ross Cowen
Debbie Pendarvis- & Gary Hanson
Deborah & Buddy Sweat
Deidre & Jimmy Ketcher
Dewanna McKenzie- & Cotton Carter
Donna & Drew Nemeth
Donna Lott-Miller
Dwight Goodwyne
Elaine & Ted Sills
Ernie Moyer
Faye Keene- & Jim Lee
Faye Lanier MacArthur
Gary Pajcic
Gerald O’Steen
Ginger Joyner- & Jim Boettcher
Gwen Barton-Murphy
Hazel & Will Weathington
Janet Johnson-Tracey
Janice Amos- & Terry Hovsepian
Jeanette Jackson- & Clifton Burnsed
Jeanne & Jerry Driver
Jill & Ernie Padgette
Jinnie & Bo Hancock
Judy & Billy Caputo
Judy Bryant- & Fred Gneisig
Karen & Jerry Ward
Kathy Vaughn-Collins & brother Pat
Kay Meeks-Hall
Linda & Richard Overstreet
Linda Jackson
Linda Mills & Buddy Williams
Linda NeSmith- & John Sparks
Linda Pacetti- & John Andrews
Lois & Gerald Prescott
Loretta Newcomer-Bledsoe
Lorraine Phillips- & Glenn Beermann
Luci Norell- & Tom Criswell
Lynn Breese-McDonald & daughter, Lisa
Marcia & Jim Perdue
Marilyn Haddock- & Ken Williams
Mary Ann Wilson- & Lloyd Ray
Mary LePrell- & Phillip Combs
Melanie & Glenn Sutton
Mike Chauncey
Myra Altman-Scott
Myrtle Crawley- & Ron Hollis
Nancye Scott- & Bill Aberly
Norm McCord
Orbin Williams
Owen Goodwyne
Paige Romanelli-Leister
Pam Stone-Ellis
Patty & Marvin Green
Randy Barber
Rocky Mistler
Ron Sellers
Sandi Griffis- & Bob Crider
Sandra Beebe-Hill
Sheila & Glenn Ellison
Sheila & Randy Beaty
Sherry Chester-Roberts
Shirley & Norm Tyson
Tony Vassallo
Tonya & Richard Alford