Annual Get Together June 23, 2018

Another Class of 1965 Annual Get Together has been enjoyed by many classmates and, as in past years, all in attendance said they enjoyed their time visiting with each other. 

This year, as last year, we gathered at the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union Hall on Cassidy Road. This Union Hall is very nice for our annual gatherings so a heartfelt thank you to Claire and George Smith for making the arrangements for this venue.

This year our dinner was a fish fry. George Smith, Darrell Boone and Johnnie Gibson did the cooking of the fish and hush puppies with a little fish tasting help from Eddie Whitted and Fred Gneisig. In the kitchen Claire Smith and Betty Boone did all the preparations. Claire and Betty had help from several ladies who followed directions very well. As an added delight we had homemade vanilla and peach ice creams. And Bob Johns brought chocolate from Sweet Pete’s – delightful chocolate.
So, if you were unable to attend, you missed out on good food and lots of hugs and laughs.

We, the classmates in attendance, did vote to have another Gathering next year. Same venue and approximately the same date (late June). Also discussed was the possibility of our Class hosting another Multi-Year Reunion. However, a suitable (large) venue will need to be located. Any suggestions?

Hope to see you next year,

Tonya and Richard Alford Claire (Motes) and George Smith
Betty (Dyal) and Darrell Boone
Dean and Johnnie Gibson
Frances (Harrington) Conner
Donna Kay (Rogers) Strayer
Bonnie (Prevatt) Bennett
Linda Mills and Buddy Williams
Linda (Pacetti) Andrews
Pam (Stone) Ellis
Bob Johns
Hardy Gardner
Jean (Sailers) Frandsen
Ginger (Joyner) and Jim Boettcher
Doris (Kedzior) LePrell
Charlotte (Wright) Thein
Wendy and Tommy White
Brenda and Eddie Whitted
Barbara and Manuel Travassos
Sheryll Stolarski
Lorraine (Phillips) and Glenn Beermann
Orbin Williams and guest Imojean
Elaine and Ted Sills
Larry Shephard
Elaine (Sapp) Hixon
Sandra (Beebe) Hill
Audrey (Brown) Landon
Anne and Charles Mercer
Linda and Richard Overstreet
Randy Barber
Ann (Weeks) Martin
Deborah Sweat (Buddy’s wife)
Linda Jackson
Mary Ann (Wilson) Ray
Sheila and Randy Beaty
Sheila and Robbie Newcomer (Loretta’s brother and sister-in-law)
Jim Ketcher
Aradith and Tim Palmer
Lynn Motes (Claire’s sister)