Our 70th birthday celebration and Yearly Gathering on June 24, 2017 was small in numbers but the ones that attended were greeted with a friendly atmosphere and treated to very good food and entertainment.

The main things missing were a couple of classmates Buddy Sweat and Judy (you know the one that only needs one name.) Judy and Fred were on a well-deserved extended vacation with their motorhome club. Without Buddy, who passed away May 11th, our gatherings may never be the same. Very few of you know that Buddy worked on all class events for the past 25 years and supported most of them financially. I haven’t been sent a list of attendees or pictures so I’ll try to remember from my somewhat memory and post a few pictures I took with my phone. Harold and Laverne Stovall Richard and Linda Overstreet Darrell and Betty Boone Larry Cohen and mother Jennie Ann Weeks Martin Bob Johns Bonnie Prevatt Bennett Charlotte Wright Thien Charlie Mercer Clyde Israel Doris Kedzior LePrell Elaine Sapp Hixon Ernie Moyer Frances Harrington Conner Buster Thigpen Gene Thigpen Hardy Gardner Jean Sailors Frandsen Jim Ketcher Johnny Gibson Linda Mills Lynn Breese McDonald Norman McCord Orbin Williams Richard Alford Sheryll Stolarski Ted Sills Tom White Wayne Powell Plus spouses and friends.

I apologize if I missed anyone. I’ll update when I get the list. I’m not sure who worked on the party but they did a great job. Larry
Bonnie, Frances, Linda('66)
Hardy, Bob