Annual Get Together June 24 and 25, 2016

Well, we did it once again! We had a good time at our Annual Get Together at the Hampton Inn Oceanfront in Jacksonville Beach. The only difference is, we don’t stay up as late as we used to! But we still have just as much fun and as many laughs.

On Friday afternoon/evening we had a good size group to gather together in the suite. After a while the subject of Friday night dinner was discussed. We decided to eat in so pizza was ordered. Of course some of the classmates brought desserts – actually two days-worth of desserts.

Then on Saturday we gathered together in the Sand Dollar meeting room. Again we had a good size group to show up. Had a few first-timers so we got to hear some new school stories to go along with the stories that we usually hear. Even the old stories get better with each telling. (We have some good storytellers in our class.) Several of us laughed until tears ran down our face.

We had lunch catered by the Hotel that included hamburgers and hot dogs with salad, baked beans, etc. and dessert. This was the first time we have had to use the Hotel’s catering for our Annual Get Together but it seemed to work out well for everyone.

By late afternoon we started thinking about dinner. Again we all decided to eat in – there was tuna salad, chicken salad, fruits, chips and soft drinks available in the suite. We have good cooks in our class and they certainly take care of us at all of our gatherings. 

During the day on Saturday we discussed what we wanted to do next year for our 70th Birthday gathering. It was discussed that the cost of hotels and their requirement of using their catering that we would not be able to go to a hotel any more – not just Beach hotels. It was decided that we will rent a union hall through a classmate at a very reasonable rate and then have it catered. As time gets closer we will send out all of the details. We will have a Birthday themed Annual Get Together the last Saturday of June 2017.

Thank you to the classmates who came and enjoyed your time with classmates. 

Judy Bryant Gneisig
For the Committee