Yearly Gathering June 27 & 28th, 2014

Wow! Another Annual Gathering of the Class of 1965 Paxon Golden Eagles has just ended, and what a weekend we had together.

On Friday afternoon we began gathering at the Holiday Inn Express on Chaffee Point Road (just off I-10 and Chaffee Road). We shared hugs and good wishes and then some elected to go out to dinner and others stayed in and had meatball and other snacks.

After dinner we had several more classmates and spouses/friends to join us. Lots of laughs were shared throughout the night. Yep, we still heard some of the same stories, but it seems the embellishments get better and funnier as time passes by!

Yes we did have a few new stories as we had a few classmates to come that either this was the first time or first time in a long time to attend.

Of course the guys had their golf game on Saturday morning. Must have enjoyed themselves as they were all laughing and telling about some of the shots. Never their own shot (is that what it is called??) but one of the other’s – a lot of embellishment going on here too! For the first time I didn’t hear of any cheating going on. However, I will quote Clyde when I asked his score, “They made me stop playing because I had shot a 77… on the first nine!” Too funny so I had to share this. Now you guys don’t rag Clyde for his honesty. LOL

On the serious side, we have many classmates and spouses who have earned a true PhD degree (not just a Paxon High Diploma lol), so I, personally, want to send out a congratulations to Sheila Beaty (Randy’s wife) for recently earning her PhD.

As we said our good byes on Friday and Saturday nights, we all agreed that we are looking forward to our 50th reunion on May 1 and 2, 2015.


Richard and Linda Overstreet
Jerry and Barbara Summerford
Jerry and Karen Ward
Bonnie Prevatt Bennett
Orbin Williams & date
Clyde Israel
Doris Kedzior LePrell
Charlotte Wright Thien
Randy and Sheila Beaty
Will and Hazel Weathington
Betty (Dyal) and Darrell Boone
Linda Mills and Buddy Williams
Eddie and Brenda Whitted
Linda Duckworth Brown
Linda Pacetti Andrews
Pam Stone Ellis

Sherry Chester Roberts
Tim and Aradith Palmer
Claire (Motes) and George Smith
Judy (Bryant) and Fred Gneisig
Jean Sailers Frandsen
Audrey Brown
Sandra Beebe Hill
George Moody (now goes by Jeff)
Randy Barber
Buddy and Deborah Sweat
Richard and Tonya Alford
Ann Weeks Martin
J.D. Loudermill and son Tom
Lonnie Parrish
Richard Leonard

Clyde Israel, Bonnie Prevate Bennett
Darrell Boone, Linda Mills, Claire Motes, Tim Palmer
J.D. Loudermill