2007 Beach Gathering

Wow! We had another great annual gathering. If you were one of the 30+ classmates who joined us on June 29 and/or June 30 you know what I am talking about. 

When we arrived at the Comfort Inn we were surprised and glad to see the up-graded lobby area. We were even more surprised when we walked into the suite. The remodeling and up-grading is great, but it is a drawback as far as our gatherings are concerned. In the past, the suite was one large room and we were able to push the sitting area furniture back against the bed thus giving us more room to sit around and visit. The remodeling added a wall between the sitting area and bed so our sitting area was very limited – crowded in fact. 

Crowded or not, we had a great time visiting with each other. Yes, we had several barrels full of laughs. Some of the things we did while we were in school…we can laugh about them now, but at the time… well, you know.

From the stories that Clyde Israel and Billy Caputo tell, it seems as though they were never in class in our senior year, maybe not even in our junior year. By the way, did you know that Billy did not have a car while we were in school? (You need to hear some of their stories to understand the significance of that statement.)

We never get tired of reliving our good times at the Woodstock Teen Town, football, basketball and baseball games. I think our senior football team still holds the best season record for the school, there is no question about our senior basketball team being the greatest, and our baseball team was just as good. (In fact the baseball team was out of town at a regional tournament and had to miss our senior prom – the team members were happy to be at the regional tournament, but the girlfriends of the team members were not.) Oh, yes, we had a good track team, too – remember Billy Caputo was the fastest guy at Paxon, or was that the City?

Gas was cheap “back then” and we did our cruisin’. Everyone remembers the Krystal on Normandy Boulevard, Penny Burgers on St. Johns Ave. (Lee High School hangout), McDonalds and Krystal on Main Street (Jackson hangout), and Krystal on Beach Boulevard – we all seemed to have cruised from one location to the other on weekends.

Next year you should come and share some of your stories. Until next year,



Glenn Beermann (back of head), Clyde Israel, Darrell Boone, Gerald and Lois Prescott
Randy Barber, Linda Mills, Tonya Alford, Faye McCormick-Hunter, Donna Kay Rogers-Strayer, Bonnie Prevatt-Bennett, Sandy Beebe-Hill, Ann Weeks-Martin
Lois Prescott, Loretta Newcomber-Bledsoe, Judy Bryant-Gneisig, Betty Dyal-Boone, Lorraine Phillips-Beermann, Randy Barber, Linda Mills, Buddy Williams (in kitchen)
Faye McCormick-Hunter, Donna Kay Rogers-Strayer, and Bonnie Prevatt-Bennet
Stuart Hoskins (’64), Bonnie Prevatt-Bennett, Buddy Williams (fiancé of Linda Mills), Billy Caputo and Richard Alford
Billy Van Sickle, Billy Van Sickle Jr.. Orbin Williams, Richard Overstreet
Larry and Cheryl Tomlinson Cohen