Beach, June 25th & 26th, 2004

We survived another one of our annual marathon weekends! The last of us die-hards left the room at 3:20 A.M. on Sunday. Time spent with friends goes so quickly! We had 30+ classmates to visit us Friday and Saturday.

On Friday evening we had a short meeting about our 40th reunion next summer. Several of us are checking on different locations and getting prices and we will give our report to all that show up for dinner/meeting at 7:00 P.M. on August 12th at the Holiday Inn on Commonwealth Avenue and I-295. 

Richard Alford had sent an email to everyone on our email list asking for input for our 40th reunion. Unfortunately, only five classmates responded to our plea for recommendations. We are still open for thoughts and recommendations just email Richard Alford at

Now, back to our weekend at the Beach. As far as our accommodations, we would like to forget; but once classmates started arriving we were able to overcome…. Our first timers this year were: Jerry and Barbara Summerford; Jerry and Karen Ward; Bonnie Barnjam-Hughes; Sherry Chester-Roberts; Cheryl Tomlinson-Cohen; and Joe and Sue Bullard. The Summerfords and Wards were with us for several hours on Friday night;
Bonnie stopped in for a few minutes on Saturday afternoon; Sherry and Cheryl came on Saturday afternoon and evening; and the Bullards were with us on both nights. Joe even played golf with the guys on Friday and Saturday mornings.

It was certainly good to see and visit with all of you who attend part or all of the weekend with us. Faye McCormick-Hunter was here from Texas once again. From south Florida we had: Tom White (who was one of our first timers last year) and his wife, Wendy; Donna Lott-Miller; and Sandra Beebe-Hill. Tennessee was represented by Linda Jackson and Clyde & Charlotte Israel and family. Rocky Mistler and his wife came down from south Georgia.

James Price was planning to be with us on Saturday, but he had to change his plans and attend the funeral of a close co-worker who died suddenly on Thursday.

Eddie Whitted also planned to be with us on Saturday, but he too had to change his plans at the last minute.

I am going to attempt to name all the classmates who attended. If I leave someone out who was with us anytime during the weekend, I apologize now for the senior-moment. 

Buddy and Deborah Sweat
Gerald Prescott
Faye McCormick-Hunter and Randolph
Lynn Breese-McDonald
Larry and Cheryl Tomlinson-Cohen
Darrell Boone and Betty Dyal-Boone
Richard Alford and Tonya
Sandra Beebe-Hill
Ann Weeks-Martin
Angela Glover-Boettcher
Nancye Scott-Aberly
Myra Altman-Scott
Dewanna McKenzie-Carter and Cotton
Donna Lott-Miller
Tom White and Wendy
Joe Bullard and Sue (I don’t recall if Joe’s wife’s name is Sue or Susan)
Jerry Summerford and Barbara
Jerry Ward and Karen
Earl Wilson
Loretta Newcomer-Bledsoe
Rocky Mistler and wife (senior moment! – don’t recall her name)
Linda Jackson
Doris Kedzior-LePrell
Bonnie Barnjam-Hughes
Linda Mills and Buddy
Kay Meeks-Hall
Sherry Chester-Roberts
Clyde Israel and Charlotte (and daughter Jennifer with husband Max and daughter Haley)
Charlotte Wright-Thien and Marvin Thien

If any pictures show up with this review, we can say thank you to Larry and Cheryl. I forgot to take my camera.

Judy Bryant Gneisig

Larry and Cheryl Cohen
Judy Gneisig